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Picture Nguni 24 x African Tumble Singular Stone

Picture Nguni 24 x African Tumble Singular Stone

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Grab these lusciously fragrant soywax candle pots and experience the gentler aroma and long-lasting burn. The greatest thing about soy wax is that it boasts impressive fragrance-holding prowess and diffuses the fragrance steadily as it burns. Soybean candles release fewer pollutants, stay cooler and last longer than paraffin candles, and leave minimal wax residue. These soybean candles come in reusable glass jars with a cork lid and a crafty brown paper label tied with jute twine. Our Soy Pots of Fragrance Candles are crafted in Yiwu (where quality is key) and offer tremendous value compared to other soy wax products. Enjoy a guaranteed 3% fragrance level, a longer burn and a truly eco-friendly product. Designed to burn up to 20 Hours, so let's get lit!

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