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Ashton and Finch

i12 TWS Wireless Bluetooth Headphones Earphones Version 5.0 White Black Colour

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12 TWS Earphones are very simple to use. When 1st received please make sure they are charged for minimum of 3hrs then take the earphones out and turn on the BT feature on your device. The light on the earphones will be flashing which means they are ready to pair with your device.


You can control the volume through your device or through the earphones by long pressing the right side for volume up and the left for volume down. Please note these earphones are TOUCH SENSITIVE which means you just have to touch the back of the earphones to control your device e.g stopping or playing music, answering calls and etc.


You can answer the calls by pressing the back of either earphones. These earphones have a built in mic so you can easily talk to the person on the other side.