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May Chang & Bergamot Essential Oil Mist 100ml

May Chang & Bergamot Essential Oil Mist 100ml

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  Experience the bliss of May Chang's warm, zesty aroma and Bergamot's fresh, citrusy scent with this magical mister! This natural room spray is designed to instantly spruce up your surroundings. Spray it on linen, as a fragrance around your home, or in the bedroom or bathroom to create a peaceful atmosphere. Made with pure essential oils and blessed with smudging rituals 🧙€�™‚️, this mist helps to foster a feeling of serenity whenever you need it. To unwind, simply spray it above you or spritz it on your bed sheets for a better night's rest. Yorkshire Water, witch hazel, and essential oils join forces to make this mystical mist 🌄.  

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