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No Tie Silicone Shoelaces for Trainers and Shoes

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Turn Your Shoes into A Slip-on – No tie shoe laces made from premium and stretchable silicone, quite time-saving, conform to your foot to a flexible fit, provide suitable compression and support, reduce pressure points to let you feel better throughout the day.


Don’t Settle for Old-school Shoe Ties. Do More!

If you value elastic shoelaces with a fashion attitude, Rockholder Elastic Shoe Laces are hard to beat! Remarkable stretchy and easy to use, the no-tie laces provide a comfortable and stylish addition to any sneakers, converse, trainers, and casual sandals and shoes.


Unlike classical laces, Rockholder No Tie Shoelaces will:

Turn annoying lace-ups into a trendy slip-on.
Make your shoes incredibly comfortable to wear.
Add style and personality to regular shoes.
Bear Amazing tension and hardly pop-out.
Adjust the tightness according to your footwea



The timeless design of Rockholder No Tie Shoelaces makes them perfect for:

Kids. Your kids will be independent without the hassle of tying shoelaces!
Teenagers. The no-tie shoelaces will make you stand out from the crowd and give you a fashionable edge.
Adults. Rockholder One elastic shoelaces will turn your old lace-ups into the slip-ons of your dreams.

With these no-tie laces, parents don’t have to worry about over-active kids, and kids would also be happy without tying shoelaces anymore. Happy elastic shoe laces, happy family.



These elastic shoelaces can meet the stretch and support demands of many athletes such as runners and triathletes. No need to stop training to tie the loose shoelaces. You can enjoy exercising all the time.

Compared with traditional shoelaces, no tie laces are more popular among the youths and adults as they can save more time and efforts tying their shoelaces over and over again. With our no tie shoe laces, just rush out without delay.